5 Zombie T Shirts that KICK ASS

by on Feb.21, 2010, under Clothes

#4 Reversible Zombie Shirt

This duel purpose Zombie Shirt was given away for free at the Comic Con 2009 in San Diego. Impress your friends with it’s stylish looks or flip it and scare the fuck out of your co-workers.
Zombie Shirt

#3 Monroeville Zombies T-Shirt

This shirt is available from 5 Finger Discount. It comes in 10 different colours, 6 different size and is the first time I’ve seen zombie engaged in sport.

Zombie Shirt

#2 Save The Zombies T shirt

Available from ETSY. Its the perfect gift for Zombie sympathizer.
Zombie Shirt

#1 Ricochet Black

Yet another awesome duel purpose shirt Made by Electric Zombie. Let say your out in the back yard drinking lucky and you want to do some zombie target practice but theres no zombies…. no problem just tack this shirt to your barn and its all good.
Zombie Shirt

0 Midnight Riders T Shirt

If you’ve played hit Zombie game Left 4 Dead 2 you’ll recognize these rockers and have stood on their stage beating back the hordes of Zombies with a electric guitar in hand. This shirt is available Through steam store.
Zombie Shirt


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