“A Zombie a Day for a Year” My New Favorite Zombie Site

by on Feb.18, 2010, under Art, Humor

A Zombie a Day The other night I was cruising around the internets while watching Zombi 2 (great Italian zombie flick BTW) and I found this little gem Too Many Zombies “A Zombie a Day for a Year” WOW what a wicked site! The author posts a little cartoon of a zombie every day and puts together a small story about that Zombie. One amazing thing about this site is the art work is done on a IPOD Touch! well done sir.

Too many zombies

You’ll find such walking corpses like #176 Winston Finchester III “Born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Died with a bucket on his head.” This guy reminds me of those bucket head zombie in the game Plants vs Zombie but Winston is much better looking. Another great one is number #123 Titus Bushky he lost his shoe but no worries he lost his foot as well. The site is just chalked full of awesome zombie laughs, go check it out!

OH I can’t forget number 168 Imelda Fenwich “One drink and she was anybody’s. Two drinks and she was everybody’s. Three drinks and she was left in a ditch somewhere until some unknown force reanimated her corpse.” LOL

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