Attack of the Vegan Zombies! hits DVD

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Attack of the vegan Zombies

Not your normal Zombie film Attack asks the question What if, though, zombies went vegan and instead of craving fresh meat they wanted to devour plants? Props have to be given to the creative brains behind this movie, Jim Townsend, who wrote, directed, produced and acted in the film. This movie exceeded my expectations, Very funny and entertaining Horror comedy with solid writing and acting. worth a shot if you like zombies.. Official site

Dionne Talbott and her husband, Joe Bryant, own and operate a family vineyard. After yet another failed crop, Joe wants to give up on their dream and sell the vineyard. Dionne solicits the help of her mother Audra, a practicing witch, who casts a spell on the farm. The following year they have such a bountiful harvest that they hire an old friend, Professor Frank, to help them pick the grapes. Professor Frank arrives with four college students to join him over the weekend. While working, they begin to notice phenomenal growth rates for the vines. Professor Frank ventures into the woods to investigate the water supply after their neighbor disappears. Dionne becomes suspicious and confronts her mother about the exact nature of the spell. Audra finally admits to her and Joe the potential threat it brings: the vegetation may attack people and turn them into zombies! They immediately summon the four students inside the house for their own safety. After Joe finds Professor Frank’s bag in the woods, they reach the conclusion that he may be a zombie. Their fears are compounded when their missing neighbor emerges as a zombie and attacks Joe and Dionne. They retreat to the house only to realize that it has become a prison. Unable to flee or call for help, they must stand and fight the vegan zombies the only way they can: by concocting a counter spell and face the zombies in their own fields.

Attack of the Vegan Zombies!
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