CG animated Zombie-Adventure Movie Teaser

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A.D. Zombie Horror Movie

Here is a teaser to a up coming animated film called ‘A.D.’ The movie is Horror/ zombie based and looks very promising. In a recent interview with the creative staff Zombie Info dig up some exclusive information about this film.
Creative staff
Ben Hibon (director)
Haylar Garcia (writer)
Bernie Goldmann (producer)
Tarik Heitmann (producer)

You may recognize Bernie Goldman from producing movie greats like George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead and 300. Ben Hibon was responsible for the animation sequence in Tokyo Zombie.. in case you missed that one it was a unholy union of a zombie movie with a far less celebrated genre: the wrestling comedy. The movie was alright but the animation sequence rocked out the balls so i’m expecting good things from Ben Hibon.

Ben: We set out to create a visual universe that distinguished itself from the classic zombie formula.
Zombies have seen a ressurgance in video games lately, and there’s a large crowd out there that are hungry for more. Mixing high concept adventure, zombie apocalypse and animation is making A.D. a hell of a ride. From zombie info article

A.D. Teaser Trailer (Zombie Animation) [HD]

Looks wicked awesome… no word on a release date though

A.D. Movie Interview (ETC) Ben Hibon, Haylar Garcia, Tarik Heitmann, Renee Tab, Bernie Goldmann


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