Classic Limited Edition Zombie Poster – Zombie VS. Shark

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Zombi 2 Shark Vs. Zombie

Italian Zombie flicks have always been a favorite here at It all started when I first watched the 1979 Lucio Fulci classic Zombi 2. The battle between zombie and shark while a naked female scuba diver was taking pictures was EPIC. It is great to see an artist capture the moment, Tom Whalen new Classic movie poster for Zombi 2 featuring right front and centre the great battle between two foes from the ages Zombie and Shark. I always thought how the hell did he film just a scene in the 70′s, he’s got a guy underwater dressed up like a Zombie attacking an actual tiger shark underwater! and on top of all that theres a topless scuba chick floating around. Apparently the actor tasked to perform such a crazy stunt was “sick” that day leaving he scene to be acted by the shark’s trainer the end result was great.

Check out Tom’s website you’ll find other great movie posters for The Thing, Aliens and Star Wars.

Zombi 2 Shark Vs. Zombie

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