Classic Zombie Madness “Santo contra los zombies”

by on Feb.25, 2010, under Movie, Video

What do you get when you mix 1/3 Mexican Wrestling with 1/3 Zombie and 1/3 60′s Mexican film making? Pure Zombie Awesomness… Santo contra los zombies was released in Mexico City 21 March 1964, it was translated to English in 1999. Dubbing isn’t bad, there are a few funny lines for example during a scene where a characters father has been turned into a ZOMBIE she turns to the attacker and screams “You hyena! You ruthless dog!”.. Classic.. In actuality she calls him a Swine and a murderer, Call the Zombie a hyena that should really get under their undead skin.

Zombie Santos Movie

The film starts out with Santos fighting to maintain his middleweight championship belt. He has a long battle with the Black Shadow. The final fight Santos goes head to head with a zombie wrestler Fernando Osés who is being controlled by a evil villain. The Zombie Movie continues with the police hauling santos in to discus a lost scientist studying the UNDEAD in Haiti.

Zanto engages in full melee battles with the Zombies, saving children at the city orphanage, rescuing a lady in distress from the remote controlled Zombies and generally drop kicking his way to victory. Theres a wicked climatic wrestling match between Santos and the Zombie master whose been controlling his minions via remote control. Santos’ Side kick shanks the villain and the he falls against his lab equipment and is electrocuted. This show is full of zombie wrestling.

Producer: Alberto López
Director: Benito Alazraki


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