Essential Weapons for a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE

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Zombie Weapons
First on my list is a modern blade inspired by the pre-Roman Falcata, it’s called d’Capitan, it is produced byZombie Tools Go Check out the gear they have it’s freaking amazing. Here is what Zombie Tools had to say about the blade

Leadership. It takes strength of character, courage of convictions, and a weapon more badass than all the other douche bags willing to follow you. For the discerning leader of a zombie-slaying squad, ZT introduces d’Capitan.

Zombie tools makes the blade out of 5160 spring steel with a hand-sculpted T6 aluminum, it’ll set you back $339.95 but will fuck ZOMBIES up big time.

Second is The Zombie Combat Manual: A Guide to Fighting the Living Dead. This book is attempts to educate you on slating flesh devouring hordes. It’s throughly written with line drawings, interviews scientific studies and step by step diagrams showing combat moves. Heres what the books says about using a Melee weapon like d’Capitan

Medium-range or melee combat is defined as engagement with the undead at a distance of two to three feet (.6 and .9 meters) between opponents. For many reasons, including weapon availability, terrain, and combat skill required, this range is the most frequent distance at which combat engagements with the undead take place. Many of the strategies covered in long-distance combat can be utilized as well for melee range attacks. There are, however, some specific techniques particular to this range that can prove very useful for fighting the undead.

Third is the health pack from In Case Of Zombie The Health pack has everything you need to survive a couple days, the kit includes a package of Twinkies and a can of Read Bull all stuffed in a 8″x10″ enclosure which also includes a sticker attached.

Zombie Health Pack

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