PC Zombie Gaming – Attack of the Paper Zombies

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Attack of the Paper Zombie

Attack of the Paper is a completely free, completely ass kicking Indie game devleoped by IndieBird (Download Link) You are in control of a small group of marines set down to battle endless hordes of Zombies. Paper Zombies give you basic RTS control with handdrawn topdown graphics. Theres enough tutorial maps to teach you the basics of the game. The controls are simple and the action is intense making this one fun game. I was worried about the game getting boring after awhile but that is not the case in Attack of the the paper Zombies. The zombies upgrade as the game goes on, and the hordes can become gargantuan in size later on. As well as upgrading zombies you can outfit your marines with better guns, give them siege weaponry and gun turrets. The game is a blast but beware it can be challenging at times. It is highly recommended for zombie fans looking for a free game to play on their PC’s.


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