Plants Vs. Zombies

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Plants Vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies“Plants vs. Zombie is a Single player tower defense strategy game developed by casual game designers extraordinaries PopCap games. It was released on both the Apple Macintosh and PC platform. With a name like plants vs. Zombie you know it’s not the average gore fest zombie slayer like Valves Left 4 Dead or tripwires Killing Floor.

Essentially the game has a group of cartoon zombies wanting to invade your house and eat your brains. What you have to defend yourself is plants, mushrooms and a few lawn mowers. There are forty nine types of plants in your arsenal ready to blow up, freeze, digest and crush the

oncoming zombie hordes. The map starts off simple with 6 rows the zombies can take, if any one of them makes it through your defenses the inevitable “A ZOMBIE ATE YOUR BRAINS” occurs. The undead horde shamble in a orderly fashion and thank goodness they won’t cross over into other lanes leaving your veggies the only option to shot straight ahead. Completing each level in the game will unlock a new plant or item to add to your arsenal. You are also able to purchase special weapons and seeds from the back of a car from a guy named Crazy Dave. At the start of each round you can pick which seeds to take into battle, your selection is based on the type of zombies hordes you’ll be faced with. The zombie also get their own upgrades 26 in total. You’ll

soon find yourself fighting not only the standard Shamblers but also zombies that ride dolphin, zamboni, catapulting cars and my favorite the dancing Michael Jacksons. Each zombie has a special ability and each plant has an ability to counter a zombie so choose your team wisely. I once had a amazing front line with watermelon lobbing plants and triple repeaters it was able to take any Zombie horde until it got completely decimated by a mole zombie when he dug behind my lines and took out my exposed rear guard and march right into the house to eat my brains.

To ensure the action never stops there is 5 different game types, standard 50 levels adventure mode, A Survival mode, puzzle mode, Zen Garden and mini games. The beauty of this games beside it being fun addicting and awesome is it’s balance never too easy, never too frustrating a perfect mix. Truly a great game and fun for any ages of zombie lover and at only $10 bucks it’s a no brainer.

Plants Vs. Zombies Plants Vs. Zombies
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