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Zombie Movie Pontypool

PontyPool is a Canadian “Zombie” Horror film. The story is set in the small Canadian town of Ponypool, the entire film takes place at a radio station. Stephen McHattie stars as Grant Mazzy the morning DJ, Lisa Houle plays Sydney Briar and Georgina Reilly plays Laurel-Ann Drummond as the audio Tech. They start taking reports of extreme, bloody incidents of violence in riots occurring in town people describe the actions as zombie like. The radio station has a “Sunshine Chopper” which is really a dodge dart, Ken Loney the pilot of the dart starts to report in on the gruesome events. Menedez a doctor joins the group and they begin to believe that there is a audio virus travelling through the English language like a mass hypnosis. The audio tech gets infected so the producer, DJ and Doctor lock themselves in the audio booth. the infected Laurel Ann tries to smash through but eventually bleeds out and dies. The group in the audio booth begin speaking French and are uninfected by the infection. They figure out how to destroy the infection by swaping words, they try to contact the Canadian Military but instead here a count down……….

PonyPool was a decent movie, Stephen McHattie’s performance was top notch and his fighting with Lisa Houles was great. Not your standard ZOMBIE MOVIE which was nice to see.

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