Zombie Movie Mash UP

by on Feb.28, 2010, under News, Video

Shaun of the Dead’s Nick Frost and Simon Pegg give us some hint on how to hunt a Zombie… The final video is a crazy zombie lake movie from France. It is set in rural France after the war, various village girls make their way to the secluded lake, and swim, nude and are attacked by German WWII Zombies, who apparently have been floating, hidden, in the lake for years after being killed by French partisans. The Final video is Fat Zombie Chick (Ep.1)… Its about a fat zombie chick infiltrates the junkyard and seems impossible to kill. The most difficult zombie to exterminate since the apocalypse began.

Nick Frost and Simon Pegg present a zombie hunting and survival guide. Part 1

Zombie Lake


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