Zombie-Pourri for your Stinking Feet

by on Feb.26, 2010, under Humor

Your an active person running from Zombies, Swing your d’Capitan Zombie Weapon and generally fighting your way through the Zombie Apocalypse. How do you keep your shoes smelling fresh? between the guts, gore and sweat everywhere it’s no easy feat. We’ll thanks to Robin Lane from robinlane.makersmarket.com there is a solution. These Wicked Zombie-Pourri pair comes with a fragrant zombie.

Both Zombie and Victim include removable small cotton drawstring bags filled with pot pourri. Please specify whether you’d like a floral scent or the sporty stuff that smells vaguely like deodorant soap. I originally designed these for my zombie-lovin’ brother-in-law’s stinky shoes, but other friends are dangling them from rearview mirrors. Zombie and Victim are hand-crocheted in acrylic and/or cotton yarn in bright colors, embellished with embroidery thread and felt. Brains are crocheted yarn. Pot pourri included in cotton drawstring bags.


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