Asteroids + Zombies = “Nation Red”

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Nation Red is a Top Down Zombie blood-bath by developers Dizelpower. The game is fast paced arcade style shooter filled
with zombies, special weapons and power ups. When I say fast paced I mean FAST FUCKING PACED once the zombies come you won’t stop clicking and manurvering around until every last one is dead. Nation Red is $10 bucks off steam so don’t expect ground breaking sound and graphics but do expect a fun experience with plenty o action. Battle through 18 quests and fight in several game-play modes, survival, freeplay, and a special unlockable mod and Blood Drive. The game has you play a random person with the task to kill all zombies. They added a level system that you can pause the game and select an upgrade. When you select an upgrade, the game gives the player 5 randomly selected power ups out of the currently available upgrades.
Zombie PC Game

Graphics: 7/10
Probably should be 6 but then again the graphics work for this type of game, after a couple hundreds of zombies start piling up around your hero you tend not to notice the graphics deficiencies. Zombies looks great and the effects are good.

Sound: 6/10
The game uses one long single loop as its main soundtrack. As the pace changes the tempo changes. Its alright but after awhile gets a little boring. The sound effects on the other hand are very well done each weapon and item has a distinct realistic sound
Zombie PC Game

Controls: 8/10
simple point click kill.. it works fort this game

Red Nation is a fun game well worth the $10 bucks. Don’t expect a epic game with hours upon hours of play. Expect a quick fun game that has you mowing down hordes of zombies with some kick ass weapons. They really should of gicen the user the ability
to zoom in and out. I found myslef trying to wheel out to get a better picture of the action. Antoher thing diezalpower should of included was a co-op mode.. This game could of been so much more with a co-op mode.

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