BRAAAIINS!!! Tarman Returns

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Love Russo Zombie or hate them, Many Zombie fans have a special place in their heart for Return of the Living Dead’s Tarman. The Night Of the Living Dead series was produced between 1985-2005. The movie was spawned after a dispute between George Romaero and John Russo over how to handle sequels of Romero’s hit Zombie Films. This is very evident by how different the Zombies are in the 2 films, For example Russo’s zombies are fast, relatively smart and they talk “Brains.. Brains… Brains” and “Bring More Cops”.

There are few Zombie Characters out there that people can reocgnise more than good old tarman. Looking back at the 1985 film tarman looked pretty badass with his dripping gooey mass of flesh and tar. The film truly had fantastic Zombie Special effects these can be artibuted to the awesome visual works of William Stout. William Stout is also resposible for art direction of other great 80′s films Raiders of the Lost Ark, Conan the Barbarian, and First Blood. Stout says he gaiend his inspiration from the Mummies of Guanajuato, and actual corpse photos.

tarman Zombie Shirt

The tarman shirt is for sale March 3rd from Fright-Rags

Zombie Movie Tarman

Since Return of the Living Dead is one of my personal favorite movies, I have always wanted to do a Tarman shirt. And while I’ve seen other Tarman shirts on the market, I never felt they captured the spirit and essence of the character. Over a year ago, I finally started the design…but it never seemed to look right. I had other artists try their hand at the type of look I was going for, but nothing evr seemed quite right. However, when discussing this idea with Diane O’Bannon (the wife of the late director Dan O’Bannon), she suggested I talk to William Stout. In all honesty, that thought had never crossed my mind. So based on her suggestion, I contact him.

As a part of our artist series, we are also selling this design as a limited edition print, signed and numbered by William Stout himself!


* Printed on super soft 100% ringspun pre-shrunk cotton shirts
* 4-color screenprinted design
* Sizes available: SMALL to 5X-LARGE
* Girl sizes available: S-XL (printed on American Apparel)

Finally there is a shirt for all us tarman fans so we have somethign to wear to tell the world “I love tarman so fuck off” I’m going to wear mine at work.. argh who am I kidding I don’t work I live in my parents basement.


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