“Deadheads” Zombie Comedy at It’s best

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Deadheads Zombie Film

What happens when you have 2 Zombie waking up during a zombie Apocalypse deciding to take a road trip? A potentially hilarious Zombie Film. Deadheads is being produced by the Pierce Brothers and is currently in post production. From the screen shots you can tell that production quality is high on this film.. these Zombie look freaky as hell and its suppose to be a comedy. Deadheads is made in the the tradition of the evil dead trilogy and the Harold and Kumar films. The Story follows two zombies, Mike and Brent who find themselves surprisingly reborn from the dead. Mike is unaware what caused him to die and subsequently rise as a member of the Zombie Horde. He soon discovers a wedding ring in his coat pocket and realizes that his death has prevented him from proposing to the love of his life… Mike teams up with Brent and the two of them head out on a road trip to discover why they died. Unknown to them there is a squad of corporate goons following them which hold the secret to the Zombie Outbreak. Actor Michael McKiddy plays Mike, Ross Kidder plays Brent and Natalie Victoria plays Ellie, Mike’s bride to be

When asked by www.revenantmagazine.com where they came up with the idea of a undead comedy Brett Pierce explains.

We had made a no money horror film with some other filmmakers a while back and we had some talking zombies in it. They weren’t the focus of the movie but people seemed to respond to them. From that Drew decided he wanted to write a buddy zombie script just about the zombies ….. We knew we wanted it to be a road trip movie, and we wanted it to be as if two zombies walked right out of Night of the Living Dead and took a detour to another story. Thats why we start the film in a redneck town, why we have an old cabin besieged by zombies with survivors inside. We wanted them to walk out of the stereotypical zombie flick.

Find out more about this potentially hilarious and unique film at www.deadheadsthemovie.com and damn I wish we had a teaser to watch!

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