How to Speak ZOMBIE

by on Mar.10, 2010, under Book

What better way to prepare yourself for a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE than to learn how to speak their language. Just slather some ZOMBIE flesh on your body to hid the living sent and you should be able to disguise yourself as a ZOMBIE and travel throughout the horde with impunity. In a world suffering a zombie infestation, your best chance for survival lies in learning the language of the undead.

This hilarious book was written by San Francisco-based Steve Mockus and the Zombie illustrations are from LA based Travis Millard.

How to Speak Zombie demonstrates how to blend in and avoid being eaten while carrying on with everyday activities like ordering a latte from a zombarista and shopping at a zombie-infested mall. This essential guide features an electronic sound module that demonstrates proper zombie pronunciation (‘RAHHHhh!’), helpful text that explores the customs and etiquette of the zombie world, and detailed illustrations that show the undead doing everything from pumping iron to dancing the night away. Deeply informative, this handbook also includes an all-purpose BRAINS button that can be used in any situation, deadly or otherwise.

How to Speak ZOMBIE

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