Living Dead Dolls ROCK But Freak me the Fuck Out

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Living Dead Dolls

Always a big fan of undead toys I was lucky enough to stumble upon Living Dead Dolls and man are they fucking scary. The sheer number of these dolls is amazing there are 19 series which include 5 or more dolls each. There is entire online community’s of doll collectors from all over the world. One look at the craftsmanship and it’s no wonder these dolls are such a hit. The original creators were Ed Long and Damien Glonek, at first they were hand made using Long’s mother’s doll making kit. The dolls soon become highly sought after. It wasn’t until a doll show that they were discovered by Mezco Toyz which loved the dolls so much they did a deal to manufacture them for the masses. There not all Zombie toys but there undead so close enough to be in brainsbrainsbrians.

The first Living Dead Dolls appeared for sale in America in 1998. The first commercial series of Living Dead Dolls, Series 1, was released early in 2001. Since then, new series have been released roughly twice a year. Living Dead Dolls are 11″ (28cm) tall plastic dolls which are sold in coffin-shaped boxes. Most of the main series dolls come with a death certificate, except for the showbiz-themed Series 5, which had coroner’s reports. The death-date on the certificate is typically that of a significant historical event, or somebody’s birth or death. There is also a short poem about each doll printed on the coffin packaging and/or the death certificate.

If your at all interest in these freaky dolls check out their site, the amount of information about these dolls is simply mind blowing there kickass to the 10 power.

Living Dead Dolls

Ahh look and Possey and Sweet Dee aren’t they the most precious things you’ve ever seen. BRAINS!

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