Low Budget Foreign Fun “Plaga Zombie” and “Plaga Zombie: Zona Mutante”

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Theres something about low budget Zombie films that rock.. maybe deep inside we’re compelled to watch these foreign horrors with the hope that one will entertain us like past Zombie Classics. Before Land of the Dead came out it was a given that a Zombie Movie was ultra low budget. With that said most of the greatest Zombie Films were low budget so why can’t there be more low budget gems hidden away on someones camcorder?

Here is one such film called the Plaga Zombie Series . Started in 1997 these Argentine horror films are directed and written by Pablo Parés, Hernán Sáez and Berta Muñiz. The film was successful enough to bring in a sequel 4 years later with with Plaga zombie: Zona mutante. The sequel is available at Amazon but the you’ll have to contact the distributor to get the first one.

Low Budget Zombie Film

Zombie MoVie
I will now go into a in depth analysis of the plot: 3 dudes running around, carrying a body bag that holds the cure for the Zombie infection that’s plaguing the city. There thats all you need to know the rest is just mayhem. When you start to watch you’ll wonder if this is really a homemade movie made on the weekend and found in some girls camcorder. Soon however you realize it is a homemade movie made on the weekend, but don’t turn it off this film is pretty funny and theres zombies in it so your willing to cut it some slack.. right? Its a entertaining movie that is full of Homemade FX, gross dismemberment and Gross stupid jokes. If you like those three things with ZOMBIES and subtitles than give this show a watch you’ll laugh… a bit.


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