“Muerte Ciega” – 100% Zombie Action In Chile

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blind dead Indie Film
Muerte Ciega or Blind Dead is a Chilean Indie Horror film Written and directed by Cristian Toledo and Lucio Rojas. Watching both the Spanish and the subtitled trailer will show you the amount of gun action packed into this film. Theres zombies, bandits, mercenaries and scientists all shooting it up.. just the way we like it. One more thing to keep in mind is Muerte Ciega had a budget of 2 grand!!! from the videos they’ve released the quality is top notch, nice work! This is one film i’m looking forward to seeing this year.

The film follows a paramilitary group of five escorting 2 scientists into a unknown zone called the Zero-Zone. They are sent out in search of answers and possibly cure to the virus which has devastated the region. 15 years ago a mining disaster unleashed a disease that turns humans into crazed territorial monsters aka ZOMBIES. The government placed the area under strict quarantine. Nobody is clear about what happened and they need answers in case the virus spreads. The team is assembled and sent into the Zone.. what ensues is massive zombie carnage and some wicked gun fights.

Trailer 1 Its in Spanish but watch it the actions scenes are kick ass

Muerte Ciega – Trailer from Chris Reiben on Vimeo.

Trailer 2 English


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