Night Zero – Ground-breaking Collision of Comics, Photography, and Zombies

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night zero Zombie Comic

It’s been a long time since I last looked at a photographic comic, most of the time there MEH but Night Zero is different it has Zombies a post-apocalyptic world and kick ass story/art.

The story is set after a viral outbreak turned the majority of the population into Zombies. The survivors are clinging onto survival in Seattle Washington. The comic is free online and updated Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays, the graphic novels are available at there Night Zero store

If your not familiar with this style of comic you should really give it a shot the people Night Zero have produced a great book. For regular production updates go to Night Zero Blog . This is superior Zombie Lore!

night zero Zombie Comic


NIGHT ZERO is produced like a feature film, shot on-location with a full cast and crew, complete with sets, props, and costumes. Using the emerging technology of High Dynamic Range photography (HDR) and a process called tonemapping, our digital artists are able to transform the images into a unique visual style somewhere between photography and illustration. There is no tracing or hand drawing superimposed on the photographs– the “illustrated” style is purely the result of the HDR photography method.

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