Whats it like to have a Zombie Roommate? Ugly Americans Will Show You

by on Mar.05, 2010, under Movie, News

New Animated Horror comedy Television Show Ugly Americans is set to premiere on march 17th. Comedy Central had ordered 7 episodes of the 30minute show, the executive producer is David Stern (The Simpson) and the story is based on the original idea by illustrator Devin Clark.

Ugly Americans takes place in an alternate-universe New York City where creatures from horror, fantasy and science-fiction live among us as ordinary citizens. Mark Lilly, a human social worker for the Department of Integration, helps new citizens, both human and other to adapt to living in New York. Jobs include weaning vampires off fresh blood, zombies off brains, housebreaking werewolves and helping out land whales or man birds. The main character has a zombie roommate (Randall Skeffington, voiced by Kurt Metzger), a demon boss and office hump (Callie Maggotbone, voiced by Natasha Leggero). Other cast members include a aging drunken wizard (voiced by Randy Pearlstein, Chappelle’s Show) and a law-enforcement agent that hates non-humans Lt. Grimes (voiced by Larry Murphy, Assy McGee). This could be a funny Television show, but i’m not holding my breath, The Walking Dead on the other hand looks very promising.

Ugly Americans


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