Zombie Bashers – “If It’s Dead We’ll Kill It”

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Zombie bashers
One aspect of Zombie Apocalypse that is rarely visited in film is the Post Zombie world. We’ve seen the usual undead stories a thousand times; outbreas, survivors clinging to hope months with hordes of undead clamoring at their fortifications, and we’ve seen zombies overtake the living leaving nothing in it’s path. Zombie Bashers on the other hand is about 2 former plumbers turned zombie exterminators in a world where most of the zombie threat has been dealt with. We follow this zombie clean up crew as they run their small business exterminating the remaining zombies in Ireland. Zombie’s are not the main opponent to our exterminating duo, in the post apocalyptic world a zombie hunter has to deal with the more mundane issues. Their small business comes under attack by rival exterminators, there serious lack of work and the tax man sticking his nose in.

The series is up to episode Three it’s funny as hell well worth a look for us Zombie fans. Check out their official site. www.zombiebashers.com

In a world where Zombies are nearly extinct, every so often one will turn up in your back garden, street corner, or shed. And if you find one, you need to call the Zombie Bashers. This documentary follows Pascal and Mick on their zombie bashing adventures.



Pascal and Mick arrive at Miss Anderson’s house to take care of a Biter she has rummaging around in the back garden. The lads show us the trials, tribulations and down right bloodiness that goes into Zombie bashing.

To catch episodes 2 and 3 head to Here or youtube channel


Pascal and Mick arrive at Roche’s farm to take care of a routine zombie problem. But things don’t go quite to plan when the lads realize there’s more than just a zombie to deal with…


Pascal and Mick struggle to keep the business afloat as the ZTU seem to be getting all the work. And as the tax man gets closer the lads need help, but from whom?. Can the Zombie Bashers survive? And how are the ZTU always one step ahead?


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