Zombie Chase in Russia.. Real or Too Real?

by on Mar.23, 2010, under News, Video, Weapons

Do you believe in Zombies? This is a question i’m asked at least once a day from people and most of the time my answer is 75%No 20%yes and 5%maybe. I’m a massive zombie fan and like most (at least I think most) of zombie fans I have made loose mental plans of what to do if the dead rise. You know the basic stuff, board up the ground floor windows, gather up the weapons you can, fill up the tub and sinks with water.. etc etc. I also have gone as far as to make sure certain consumable in the house are always stocked… in case of a natural disaster.. right? With all this said I never “really” deep down thought there would ever be a zombie outbreak let alone an apocalypse. Especially like the ones we watch in the movies or read about. I guess there might be a lab somewhere in the future that could create a viral infection of some kind that would cause a zombie like outbreak, but I doubt it’s happening right now…. OR IS IT!

I found this video from over at viralfootage.com and it looks pretty convincing… it has me thinking… theres lots of weird shit coming out of Russia.. lots of experiments that skirt the fringes of ethical science (or so my brain washed born in the 80′s mind tells me). Maybe just maybe this is real! ahhh better get another flat of canned fruit on grocery day.

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