Zombie Smurfs Like Peppered Brains

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zombie smurfs

bubbaworldcomix has drawn up a collection of crazy looking Zombie Smurfs. Just another example of the great Zombie Art which is being produced by Zombie lovers everywhere. This got me Reading about the BLACK SMURF and it’s roll in the origins of the Zombie and the Zombie apocalypse story in western media.. When did this all start in media? Was it after the 1932 Horror Flick White Zombie or was it after George Romero’s 1968 Night of the living Dead? Well Victor Halperin’s White Zombie has them beat but it wasn’t the traditional zombie apocalypse movie so yes it was the first Zombie movie but not the first occurrence of a Zombie Apocalypse we all now know and love. That award goes to the Smurfs not George Romero. In 1963 the Smurfs first book Les Schtroumpfs noirs, tome 1 (translated: The Black Smurfs) had a Smurf that was infected by a disease That turned him black. This disease caused him to lose the use of voice and made him ubber aggressive to the peaceful blue Smurfs. This Black Smurf was compelled to spread the disease by biting and scratching the other Smurfs. The book ends when a horde of these black smurfs are beaten back by a small group of survivors holed up in a building. hmm… sounds familiar.

Zombie Smurf

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