Zombies and Assholes Interview with Cast and Crew “the biggest challenge was the meaty arm”

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Last month we showed you the up and coming Comedy Zombies and Assholes. The movie is about a group of degenerate AzzHOLES whose only delight is being annoying to both the staff and patrons at a lavish bed and breakfast called Eden. Essentially they are Azzholes. They dine and dash when the zombified help begin attacking customers. Stuck in a stalled car, determined to die with a clear conscience, they confess their intertwined sexual indiscretions.

The film sounds hilarious and it has Zombies in so its a win win scenario. Recently we’ve been fortunate to have some questions answered from the Cast and Crew of the film. Producer/Writer Samantha Kern, “Sean” Played by Ben Begley and “Kaitlin” Played by Erin Marie Hogan. A big thanks goes out to Samantha, Ben and Erin Marie for participating! Check out the Zombie and Assholes official site

zombie and a@@holes

For ease of reading the replies have been colour coded.
Samantha Kern, Erin Marie Hogan, Ben Begley
zombie and a@@holes
What made you decide to make a film about Zombies?
For me it was about bringing together a group of people to create something fantastic. And what’s more fantastic than blood, gore? Zombies- bringing people closer, one bite at a time.
I decided to do Zombies and A@@holes because I just really like dark humor, and twisted things.  This was a way for me to do a comedy, but not leave my favorite genre (horror) in the dust.  Zombies are always cool.
I’ve always been a huge George A. Romero fan and loved the concept of zombies as a social metaphor and how they’ve evolved over the years, to even comedies like “Shaun of the Dead” and “Zombieland.”  I’ve always wanted to be eaten by a zombie on film and have a really gory death, fictionally, death in real life freaks me the hell out.  And when a movie with such a non-overt, subtext laden, almost poetic title like “Zombies and A@@holes” came along, I just knew it was the one for me.  It was love at first bite, oh crap! I think I just stole another zombie movie’s tagline…

In regards to the story What came first the Zombie or the asshole?
Ha, that’s funny. I couldn’t answer that really. The story idea came from Justin Wade, so I’ll have to check with him. But that’s an awesome title for the sequel.
Oh geez, I don’t know what came first: Zombie or Asshole. The Zombies are credited first, they are clearly much more important. No one likes an asshole. Except for me, I happen to enjoy the company of a@@holes.
I assume the zombies, but I’m not the writer. So in my own actor’s imagination, the zombies have been existing for a long time, but these a@@holes are too self-involved to notice until they are literally surrounded. But if you mean in the timeline of our planet, I think it’s safe to say that a@@holes have been around since the beginning of time and zombies didn’t emerge until the mid-seventies (insert witty remark here to close out the question)…

Major challenges faced making this film?
Well…the God’s must have been listening to our prayers, because we really thought we were going to get rained out, but miraculously the clouds passed. We had a lot of the familiar hic-cups like changing locations last minute and trying to find enough people willing to be covered in sticky goop to be zombies. But the thing that kept us pushing forward was everyone’s excitement for this project- people put their all into it and I think you are going to see this in the quality of the final product.
For me, the biggest challenge was the meaty arm. We spent most of the film in a car, and half the film we are in the car with an arm covered in meat. After a couple hours, that thing wasn’t very appetizing.
I couldn’t stop laughing when my guts were being eaten. Which I hope didn’t ruin the take, that poor zombie had to munch on some sick stuff. Cow tongues, liver, raw ground beef, a vegan’s nightmare. The production was fun as hell, not much of a challenge other than to just keep the energy up for 12 hours, but that’s cake when zombies are smearing their faces on your windshield, not a lot of time to get bored.

What’s the time line look like for the release?
We just got the first rough cut from the editor and should be announcing a release date within the next few weeks.
I have a bootleg copy I’m selling in Sante Alley in the LA Fashion District, no finished effects, but it’s only five bucks and I’ll even autograph it.

What’s next after Zombie and A@@holes?
Right now I am making some adjustments to a zombie script that the actress Jaqui Holland from Zombies and A@@holes wants me to produce, so that’s exciting. And Sean LoGrasso and I are in the beginning stages of producing a music video.
For me, I just shot a short vampire film called “Nirvana.” I also have a feature being released in video stores on March 30th called “6 Guns,” and I am nominated for “Goremate Of The Year” at the 2010 GoreZone Magazine Film Awards for my role in “Paranormal Entity.” The ceremony will be broadcast in the UK, and takes place in London.
Vampires and Nice People? Or Asshole Zombies… Or Werewolves and Douchebags… wait “New Moon” already did that…

I heard there is nudity please extrapolate?
Will you still watch it if I say no?
There’s nudity?! Why wasn’t I there!? I’m usually the naked one. Aw, I missed out!
A gentlemen never gets naked and tells. Actually I’m not naked in the film, much to everyone’s dismay. We just didn’t want to distract from the zombies with my Brad Pitt Zen Rock Garden 8 pack abs. There might be some zombie sex, or I could be lying about that too. I’m just making shtuff up for this question.

zombie and a@@holes

Apart from your own movre “Zombie And A@@holes”, what is your favorite zombie movie?
Shaun of the Dead- when I saw that I was blown away by the style and the fact that it was so funny.
28 Days Later, super fast zombies rule.
Real zombie flick: “Dawn of the Dead” the original, although the first ten minutes of the remake is amazing. And comedic zombie film: “Shaun of the Dead,” although “Zombieland” is probably tied, both are equally awesome.

What was your main motivation for making this film? Money? Fame? Industry recognition?
As I mentioned before it was about collaborating with people to create art. I would love to make a living as an independent film maker and hopefully Sean and I can figure out how to make this dream a reality and make Zombies and A@@holes a cult classic.
It’s just another job that I happened to have a lot of fun doing. I love making movies, and it’s pretty much all I’ve known my whole life.
Money and lots of it, not really it was a low budget movie. I really just wanted to do the project because it sounded like a boat ton of fun and I had nothing better to do on weekends at the time. And besides, how many of my friends can say they were in a zombie movie? None that I know of.

In your personal opinion what makes a better zombie movie, the slow moving or the fast moving zombies?
I think with the slow moving you are forced to have a better storyline and I like the idea of the characters having a fighting chance for survival. So definately slow, but as far as actuality goes, I will have to check with those who have encountered the actual undead and get back to you.
Fast moving, definitely. I’ve never understood how such a slow creature could kill so many people. Super-fast zombies rock.
I like the faster zombies because it gives more immediacy to the situation, although I understand the die-hard zombie purists who like the looming threat that slowly and relentlessly keeps coming, but in real life I’d be more afraid of zombies that run triathlons.

Will there be a sequel? What would the title be? “Zombies and More Assholes”, “Return of the Assholes, Zombies Revenge”, …etc
There is a possibility of making it into a trilogy, so look out for Episode One.
I don’t know, but it’s been talked about. I think Kaitlin should totally come back and kick some zombie butt. It should be called, “Kaitlin the Zombie Asshole… who happens to be really pretty – The Movie.” Just kidding.
I think it should be an all-out war between zombies and assholes, while the nice people are stuck in the middle like Switzerland. Z. vs. A. would be cool, keep it mysterious and very J.J. Abrams-esque. Or “Assholes’ Revenge” which just sounds like me after I eat Indian food. Man, I’m really hoping people get sarcasm via reading this interview…

zombie and assholes

The release date is unknown but filming is complete and we should know more in the coming weeks! Thanks Again to the Cast and Crew of Zombies and Assholes we look forward to seeing the film.

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    Yeah, we know who the real assholes are, and what you’re doing to Justin is about what I’d expect from a zombie. You gave him just enough credit to hopefully avoid a lawsuit, and then moved on as if he was never there. He might have been difficult, but at the end of the day, what you and your friends are doing is wrong, and you know it. And you’re such fucking assholes that you don’t even feel guilty about it. Since the people interviewing you only care about getting the story, there’s no reason for them to push the issue, is there? Right. I get it.

    So now, you can take credit for the zombie movie AND take pride in having the same level of integrity that film studios and producers had back in the 50′s, when they too worked it so they would get credit for work they didn’t do. This isn’t over. Not by a long shot. Because sooner or later this is going to get legal. What’s sad is that you’ll probably get more fame from it now, but I do believe in Karma.

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