“Zombies and Assholes” You won’t Survive but Some ASSHOLE Will

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Zombies and Azzholes is A new Zombie Short being developed by writers Samantha Kern and Director Sean LoGrasso. The movie is about a group of degenerate AzzHOLES whose only delight is being annoying to both the staff and patrons at a lavish bed and breakfast called Eden. Essentially they are Azzholes. They dine and dash when the zombified help begin attacking customers. Stuck in a stalled car, determined to die with a clear conscience, they confess their intertwined sexual indiscretions. The film asks will the Zombies prevail or will Assholes rule

Get ready for a world were the nice kids don’t make it out

zombies and assholes

This isn’t your classic Zombie film. Well, there might be some female near-nudity… and bits of gore and violence are kind of a shoo-in… but otherwise get ready for a world where the nice kids don’t make it out but the assholes do

When guestar.wordpress.com asked Sean LoGrasso to explain the movie he had this to say..
Think “Sean Of the Dead” & “Zombieland” meet Quentin Tarantino! “Zombies & Azzholes” is a short comedy about a group of Azzholes who get tangled up with a bunch of Zombies, and it becomes a race to see who the biggest Asshole is, because the “good guy” is definitely SCREWED!!!

Official Site Zombies & Assholes

This looks like it’s going to be a real hit.. can’t wait to see it.

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  • +3 Vote -1 Vote +1Phillip Smith

    I love Lucio Fulci. He is the true Italian horror maestro. My favorite film is Gates of Hell aka City of the Living Dead. I love it when the chick pukes up her entrails. Gore horror never gets old.

  • +1 Vote -1 Vote +1Catlin

    Hey great film concept. The idea was the brain child of the World biggest comedy duo San Fransisco, written totally by Justin Wade. The producers kicked him off the film and jacked the credit once he completed the script. Jay is a bit of a nut, but he put his heart into writing this only to be kicked off and have the higher ups run with his idea as their own and take the credit. I would like to see Jay get his credit on your site.


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