10 Best Spots To Be in During a Zombie Apocalypse

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10 Best place to be during Zombie Apocalypse
#10 Maunsell Army Sea Forts Designed by Mr. G. A. Maunsell and originally built to deter the German Air Force from Laying Shipping mines in the Thames estuary. They were decommissioned in the 50′s but still are used for various projects. They’re constructed using concrete and steel and appear to be quite large. One structure has been fitted with a helicopter pad to allow for the installation of weather equipment. Provided you have food, water and some basic survival gear you could whole up in these babies for quite awhile. There is zero chance of any Zombie getting you.

Zombie Threats: Zero
Human Threats: Decent
Environmental threats: The sea forts are far from brand new but they have stood for the past 70 years.
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 Moscow Metro

#9 Moscow Metro You may think i’m insane for picking this on the list especially since I picked the Tokyo metro as number 1 worst places to be during a Zombie apocalypse.The Moscow metero is the second busiest subway systems in the world with a average of 6.6 million riders daily. Why on earth is this place safe from a Zombie outbreak?
a) Filled with armed people
b) MASSIVE, Deep and old, During the cold war the metro was built to double as a nuclear bomb shelter.
As long as you survive the initial horde you should be able to seal up a decent defense line within the tunnels, Play metro 2033 you’ll get the idea.
Pros: Russian paramilitary around every corner.
Cons: Cold, Dark, Damp and Could get filled with millions of zombies.
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International Space Station
#8 International Space Station The largest man made object in orbit it has continually held a human presence in space for 9 years.. soon to break the record of the MIR space station. The station consisted of 13 pressurised modules giving 373 cubic metres of living space, it is powered by 16 massive solar panels. As long as no one out of the potential 6 crew members is a zombie you have nothing to fear.
Pros: You’re up in space you have a birds eye view of the Zombie Apocalypse in action.
Cons: No chance of getting back to earth unless they come and get you.
Zombie Threats: Zero
Human Threats: Zero
Environmental Threats: Solar Flares, Metors, Mechanical break downs, Aliens, space junk, etc etc .

Cheyenne Mountain

#7 Crystal Palace aka Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center Most people would put this at number one this thing is a modern day fortress capable of withstanding nukes and countless attacks from the Goa’uld. Built within a mountain the complex is designed to be self sufficient for short periods of time, providing the inhabitants clean food, water, power, communications and entertainment. The structure is surrounded by 2000 feet of granite and the front doors are 25 tons each making this a pretty safe place to be when the dead start walking.

Pros: Once the blast doors are sealed no human living or dead is coming in, theres really zero threats.
Cons: Only games available on the WOPR are Tic Tak Toe or global thermal nuclear war.

Akula class ballistic missile submarine

#6 Akula class ballistic missile submarine This sub was number 5 on our list of 5 worst places to be during a Zombie apocalypse. This was asuming that there were zombies on board, if you assume there is no zombies on board then this is the place to be. You can travel anywhere in the world undetected and with enough food to feed the crew of 163 for half the year.
Pros: Zero threats from humans and Zombies
Cons: Cramped, Poor work out facilities and video games that make the WOPR’s offerings look cutting edge.
Environmental threats: Mechanical break downs/ Giant krakens
German Doomsday Bunker
#5 German Doomsday Bunker A gigantic nuclear bunker with 17 kilometers of tunnels equipped to keep the German elite safe after a nuclear war. The entire structure was built to stay operational for prolonged periods of time (3,000 people for up to a month). Designers wanted to not only make the living areas functional but also stylish, including lounges and 2 Hospitals.
Pros: damn sexy 70′s decor, zero chances of Zombies or humans getting in
Cons: eventually you’ll run out of food and need to leave this 70′s palace.
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Malbork Castle

#4 Malbork Castle in Poland Sure underground super bunkers are great but a castle is better. The simple reason is that Castles let you grow food and collect water yet still give you decent protection from the undead. Malbork Castle was founded in 1274 by the Teutonic Order during their government of Prussia. This is one massive castle the outermost castle walls enclose 52 acres and the walls are high enough to repel any number of Zombies.
Pros: land to grow potatoes, walls to protect from zombies and plenty of room to house comrades
Cons: Zombies may not be a threat but other survivor less friendly will surely investigate the castle in hopes of making it their own.

San Quentine Prison

#3 San Quentine Prison Prisons are pretty much the ultimate Zombie fortresses designed to keep people in also makes them brilliant at keeping people out. If only they were nuclear powered and didn’t include the potenial of gang rape American super prisons would be number one on the list. This on in particular is grand encompassing 432 acres waterfront real estate overlooking the north side of San Francisco Bay. The prison houses 3000+ of the meanest, cruelest SOB’s you could imagine. I’m talking some of the worst humans on the planet live in this prison it’s scary as all hell. As long as the prisoners are gone this place is ideal.
Pros: indestructible to the damage output of a zombie horde, Massive, 1/2 the structures facing water, huge supply and weapon reserves and plenty of room to grow crops.
Cons: Sodomy by gangs of criminals.

Nimitz class aircraft carrier
#2 Nimitz class aircraft carrier
Pros: nuclear powered, 3000+ Discipline crew, air planes, fuel, weapons, food and access to naval bases throughout the world
Cons: NONE
Conclusion: Join the US Navy and get on a Nimitz class aircraft carrier

CFS Alert

#1 CFS Alert Here we are the number one safest place to be during a Zombie Apocalypse is… CFS Alert the Canadian Forces intelligence and Arctic radar base in Alert, Nunavut on the northeastern tip of Ellesmere Island (The most northern permanently inhabited settlement in the world). The warmest month is July and even then the average temperature is 3.3 °C . No zombie can get any where close to this base and few humans can either. As long as your fuel and food hold up you can weather any apocalypse.
Pros: Beer is always ice cold, lots of supplies, zero zombie and zero humans from the outside world.
Cons: cold as fuck and your as good as dead once the diesal runs out. Temperatures in winter drop to -40 °C due to the lack of solar energy. At this low temperature, a cup of hot water tossed into the air quickly vapourized into millions of ice crystals.
CFS Alert

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  • +1 Vote -1 Vote +1Canadian who actually likes winter

    “Temperatures in winter drop to -40 °C due to the lack of solar energy. At this low temperature, a cup of hot water tossed into the air quickly vapourized into millions of ice crystals.”
    Lies! -40 isn’t too bad, if you have shelter, and a jacket. In Cold Lake (the name is generous), Alberta, we had winter 6 months of the year, starting in September. The temperature would drop down to -50 without wind chill, and I’d go out in a crappy winter jacket that had to padding.
    The only thing you’d need to worry about is the bloody wind. But if it’s sunny out, it’s quite nice.

  • +2 Vote -1 Vote +1this guy

    are you thinking -50 F, or -50F, cause there is a differing, and i believe -40 C is a lot colder then -50F. just saying

  • +3 Vote -1 Vote +1Other guy

    No, -50F is colder than -40C.
    -40°F = -40°C
    -50°F = -46°C

    Source: http://www.albireo.ch/temperatureconverter/

  • -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Stone

    Celsius is always colder than Fahrenheit. As is, without looking at a converter, F is probably around 17 degrees warmer.

    Negative -50F is -45C. I also think that you need to take into consideration there’s a 17 degree difference and I think that C would be 17 degrees colder therefore making it (to F users) -57? It’s that or it’s actually 17 degrees warmer. Either way it’s fuckin cold.

  • Vote -1 Vote +1Nikb

    Stone, you are so dead wrong. Wow, san diego- a whales vagina. Science!!

  • Vote -1 Vote +1Another canadian

    Yes he is correct Cold Lake Gets Anywhere down to -50 Celsius I remember days were it got so cold gas could turn to slush negative 40 is cold but perfectly doable. Gotta be a Canadian or a Russian
    to be able to deal with that kinda cold though

  • -3 Vote -1 Vote +1DC

    (click to show comment)

  • -2 Vote -1 Vote +1Coop

    Celsius and fahrenheit don’t have a temperature difference. One is not warmer or colder than the other since it is Only a difference in numbers. As a rule, when in the + temperatures, Celsius is a lower number than Fahrenheit. And in the – temperature Celsius is either the same number or a bigger number than Fahrenheit…same temperature…different number. Lol

    On an other note though. I’d take the aircraft carrier. Nuclear reactor driven propulsion doesn’t need gas. Plenty of food and space. Weapons, vehicles and enough aircraft to crash a few trying to learn to fly haha. Bomb the place, transport vehicles by helicopter to town so you can load up on food. Load back into chopper and leave..good to go lol..plus, access to all the good beaches in the world haha.

  • Vote -1 Vote +1Zombiel3ait

    Well screw you guys, I live in Florida and its hot as fuck! I’d die in those temperatures. Honestly if I had a choice, I don’t know what I’d do, cause you never now how its gonna go down. I guess for a plan, I’d go to St. Augustine, Florida. Its a fort, and also it along the coast, literally. Oh, and its the oldest settlement in the U.S. so ya.

  • Vote -1 Vote +1Dan

    -50C = -58F. True story. Its exact. Close your mouth and go to the earth science refence tables. That is all.

  • -1 Vote -1 Vote +1rob

    i would go to one of those millionaire fenced-in communitys they have big thick brick wall and the communitys often have very little people becouse the houses cost so much.

  • Vote -1 Vote +1JDintheOC

    You forgot Alcatraz Island. Completely surrounded by water and impregnable.

  • Vote -1 Vote +1admin

    That’s a great spot!

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