5 Vehicles that can cut Through a Zombie Horde like it was made of Danish Cheese

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Sherman Crab
5 Sherman Crab tank Not the most modern vehicle in the list but man could this thing cut zombies down like they were wheat. The Sherman Crab tank was employed during World War 2 to sweep forward positions of mines so to allow foot soldiers safer passage. It consisted of a rotating column positioned horizontally mounted in front of the vehicle on two arms. attached to the column were chains with large fist sized balls attached. As the column rotated it caused the flails to spin and strike the ground with devastating force. Another plus is the Crab being a tank making in virtually invincible to Zombie Damage. Major disadvantage is range with a full tank except to get 193 km on a tank, plus the machine was discontinued in the fifties making the last operational units antiques. Still image drive this thing through a couple thousands walking dead…. would get bloody fast.

Tigercat M726E mulcher
4 Tigercat M726E mulcher Nothing beats modern Heavy Duty forestry machinery when you have the living dead to put to rest.. permanently. The M726E Mulcher sports a 300HP engine, long wheel base for added stability and tight turning radius and sealed contained operator station. Not as tough as a Sherman Crab but the M726E uses modern technology that should stand up to the abuse of a Zombie Apocalypse.

If you’ve never seen these in action check this vid out

Russian Ice Saw
3 Russian Ice Saw Really not as effective as the mulcher but damn thats one big chain saw capable of cutting through a giant slab of zombie flesh. This beast is used by the Russians to cut up chunks of ice, it is towed by 1/2 track amphibious vehicle. Disadvantageous are numerous, it provides little protection to the operator and it has no way of locomotion except for being towed. Greatest advantages…It Floats and causes insane brutal damage to anything near it’s main blade.

Russian Snow Removal Jets
2 Russian Snow Removal Jets Why slice a zombie up when you can disintegrate them with the power of a jet engine. These trucks are used to rapidly melt snow employing A Mig Jet engine and a standard snow ploy truck. Their major disadvantage is fuel and operator safety since their not designed for combat. However slap some metal grates over the windows and retro fit the trucks rear with extra fuel and this thing can make one massive zombie BBQ.

Caterpillar 797f Dump Truck

1 Caterpillar 797f Dump Truck HOLY COW this thing is huge. At 400 Tons, 3800HP and a height of 50ft what can stop it? This beast hold a thousand gallons of fuel and sports 31foot tires, crunching though zombies was never easier. The only disadvantage is turning radius and fuel economy but who cares you could live on top of this thing while you wait the apocalypse out.


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