Zombie Gore on the Table Top: “Shotgun Diaries”

by on Apr.27, 2010, under Book, Game, Movie, Video

Shotgun Diaries

It’s been a long time since I played a roleplaying game. I spent much of my young exploring Count Strahd von Zarovich Castle in Barovia or battling the clans in my hatchet man for House Davion. I decided to give Table Top gaming another shot and picked up a Indie zombie themed RPG called “Shotgun Diaries”.

Shotgun Diaries is a small and simple game from John Wick. The game mechanics are very basic and should be inviting to the table top beginner. John Wick leaves out a lot of the combat and has you focus more on keeping your characters strength levels up, it is amused that during a Zombie Apocalypse there is a never ending stream of undead so you don’t really have a chance to KILL THEM ALL. The encounters are about 80% chance with a bit of stratgey thrown in the mix to keep us rule lawyers happy. Other aspects are, Fear Checks (do you abandon your friends and run into the storage closet), Zombie Clock (increases every 10 minutes and represents the growing Zombie horde), Supplies and the Diary. The Diary motivates the players to keep a ingame account of what happens. Writing in the diary gives you bonus against fear and helps you gain bonus dice for your next encounter. There is also rules that cover your character turning into a zombie… which is surprisingly easy.

Character generation is even simpliar you get a small pool of surviror types to choose from, “fast, Strong” theres no hit points no saving throws you’re either dead or a zombie.

I found Shotgun diaries to be fun and different definitely worth checking out if you like Zombies and RPG and it’s only $5 bucks. On another note there is a Shotgunb Diaries movie in the works! check it out here


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