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10 Melee Weapons That’ll BASH those ZOMBIE BRAINS in

by on May.19, 2010, under Weapons

#10 Hunga Munga

Origin: Africa
Traditionally made of an iron with a curved back section and a spike located at the rear. It is ideal for close combat but can be used as a range weapon if needed.
Why: Buffy used it to kill vampires so it should work with Zombies

Zombie Melee Weapon

#9 German Longsword AKA bastard sword

Origin: Germany
Narrowly pointed blade which averaged 38inches it was designed to be one handed or two handed giving it a total length of 48inches. It weighed in a roughly 4lbs.
Why: Chopping off zombie heads from 4 feet away never was easier

Zombie Weapon bastard sword

#8 1917 trench knife
Origin: Europe, Japan, North America
Designed for close quarter combat (in tranches). endeavorer. Size is between 11inches to 13inches, may have a Knuckle Guard Handle.
Why: The narrow blade makes piercing a shamblers skull a effortless and the iron knuckles are handy in a pinch. Mel Brooks’ son said “the best compact anti-zombie weapon on earth”

#7 Holy Water Sprinkler
Origin: Europe
Combination Mace and Gun that doesn’t sprinkle holy water. The weapon is fitted with three gun barrels around the top spike of the mace.
Why: Maces crush Zombie heads and the gun barrel gives you some range options.
Zombie Weapon Holy Water Sprinkler

#6 Monk’s Spade aka Shaolin Spade
Origin: Asia
Pole weapon consisting of a long pole with a flat spade-like blade on one end and a smaller crescent shaped blade on the other.
Why: Mel Brooks’ son gives this weapon 2 thumbs up on zombie de-capping


#5 Maquahuitl
Origin: Aztec
A close combat weapon which comes in 1 or 2 handed variants. Made from oak, they’re 3-4inches wide and up to 4 feet long. The edges were embedded with razor sharp obsidian.
Why: The obsidian while useless against armored opponents will make short order of exposed zombie flesh.
Zombie weapon Maquahuitl

#4 Patu Wahaika
Origin: New Zealand
It was used in hand to hand combat by Maori, Essentially it is a club made from wither wood or bone. Size and shape vary greatly.
Why: IIt’s light weight and shaped lobe would make the Wahaika incredibly devastating to a Zombies skull.
Zombie Weapon Wahaika

#3 Husqvarna 355Fxt clearing saw
Origin: WorldWide
A high tech alternative to the last 6 weapons. The 355Fxt is ergonomically balanced with a cutting blade capable of 9K RPM.
Why: Perfect for slicing the feet off those zombies where you friend with a hammer bonks their heads in.
Husqvarna 355Fxt Zombie Weapon

#2 Lucerne hammer
Origin Switzerland
A polarm weapon mounted on a pole that is around seven feet in length with the head having three parts: the stabbing point, the beaked spike and the hammer.
Why: gives you reach and helps battle boredom by allowing you 3 options to kill the zombie masses.

Zombie Weapon Lucerne hammer

#1 Scottish Dirk
Origin: Scotland
Generally the blade length is 16inches, 1 1/2 inches wide at base, tapering to 1/2 inch.
Why: Small, effective, silent, and can be used to spread butter on your toast when the killing is over.

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Zombie Chicks in the French Riviera

by on May.18, 2010, under Movie, Video

Zombie Women Of Satan
Cannes film festival was bubbling over with excitement as the girls from Zombie Women Of Satan started walking around..

The 10 bloodstained lady zombies were there to promote Zombie Women of Satan, a horror movie written, directed by and starring Warren Speed, of Newcastle, who showed the movie twice at the high-profile event.
Shot last year in and around Newcastle and Gateshead, the film follows a mad scientist who runs a cult in a country house, where he turns a group of kidnapped women into zombies through a series of experiments.
Dad-of-two Warren, 41, of Kingston Park, a male burlesque dancer who also organises the Newcastle Gateshead Comedy Festival, amassed friends with involvement in make-up, special effects and filming to help produce the film on a micro budget.
Last year’s zombie hit Colin made headlines after it was shown at Cannes, having been made on a budget of just £45.

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