10 Melee Weapons That’ll BASH those ZOMBIE BRAINS in

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#10 Hunga Munga

Origin: Africa
Traditionally made of an iron with a curved back section and a spike located at the rear. It is ideal for close combat but can be used as a range weapon if needed.
Why: Buffy used it to kill vampires so it should work with Zombies

Zombie Melee Weapon

#9 German Longsword AKA bastard sword

Origin: Germany
Narrowly pointed blade which averaged 38inches it was designed to be one handed or two handed giving it a total length of 48inches. It weighed in a roughly 4lbs.
Why: Chopping off zombie heads from 4 feet away never was easier

Zombie Weapon bastard sword

#8 1917 trench knife
Origin: Europe, Japan, North America
Designed for close quarter combat (in tranches). endeavorer. Size is between 11inches to 13inches, may have a Knuckle Guard Handle.
Why: The narrow blade makes piercing a shamblers skull a effortless and the iron knuckles are handy in a pinch. Mel Brooks’ son said “the best compact anti-zombie weapon on earth”

#7 Holy Water Sprinkler
Origin: Europe
Combination Mace and Gun that doesn’t sprinkle holy water. The weapon is fitted with three gun barrels around the top spike of the mace.
Why: Maces crush Zombie heads and the gun barrel gives you some range options.
Zombie Weapon Holy Water Sprinkler

#6 Monk’s Spade aka Shaolin Spade
Origin: Asia
Pole weapon consisting of a long pole with a flat spade-like blade on one end and a smaller crescent shaped blade on the other.
Why: Mel Brooks’ son gives this weapon 2 thumbs up on zombie de-capping


#5 Maquahuitl
Origin: Aztec
A close combat weapon which comes in 1 or 2 handed variants. Made from oak, they’re 3-4inches wide and up to 4 feet long. The edges were embedded with razor sharp obsidian.
Why: The obsidian while useless against armored opponents will make short order of exposed zombie flesh.
Zombie weapon Maquahuitl

#4 Patu Wahaika
Origin: New Zealand
It was used in hand to hand combat by Maori, Essentially it is a club made from wither wood or bone. Size and shape vary greatly.
Why: IIt’s light weight and shaped lobe would make the Wahaika incredibly devastating to a Zombies skull.
Zombie Weapon Wahaika

#3 Husqvarna 355Fxt clearing saw
Origin: WorldWide
A high tech alternative to the last 6 weapons. The 355Fxt is ergonomically balanced with a cutting blade capable of 9K RPM.
Why: Perfect for slicing the feet off those zombies where you friend with a hammer bonks their heads in.
Husqvarna 355Fxt Zombie Weapon

#2 Lucerne hammer
Origin Switzerland
A polarm weapon mounted on a pole that is around seven feet in length with the head having three parts: the stabbing point, the beaked spike and the hammer.
Why: gives you reach and helps battle boredom by allowing you 3 options to kill the zombie masses.

Zombie Weapon Lucerne hammer

#1 Scottish Dirk
Origin: Scotland
Generally the blade length is 16inches, 1 1/2 inches wide at base, tapering to 1/2 inch.
Why: Small, effective, silent, and can be used to spread butter on your toast when the killing is over.


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