Zombie Chicks in the French Riviera

by on May.18, 2010, under Movie, Video

Zombie Women Of Satan
Cannes film festival was bubbling over with excitement as the girls from Zombie Women Of Satan started walking around..

The 10 bloodstained lady zombies were there to promote Zombie Women of Satan, a horror movie written, directed by and starring Warren Speed, of Newcastle, who showed the movie twice at the high-profile event.
Shot last year in and around Newcastle and Gateshead, the film follows a mad scientist who runs a cult in a country house, where he turns a group of kidnapped women into zombies through a series of experiments.
Dad-of-two Warren, 41, of Kingston Park, a male burlesque dancer who also organises the Newcastle Gateshead Comedy Festival, amassed friends with involvement in make-up, special effects and filming to help produce the film on a micro budget.
Last year’s zombie hit Colin made headlines after it was shown at Cannes, having been made on a budget of just £45.



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