The Walking Dead Season 2 “best zombies ever done on a TV”

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In a recent interview with the original comic book’s creator Robert Kirkman shares some news about the upcoming The Walking Dead Season 2 which starts October 2011. He mentions The Walking Dead Video Game saying be less action oriented then L4D.

And we still have to wait until October?
Yes, that’s pretty public at this point. That’s the target.

The Walking Dead will be at Comic-Con, I assume?
Oh yeah, indeed. We’re going to have a 12-foot-tall zombie costume

I’ve played through Left 4 Dead, so what will the upcoming Walking Dead video game bring new to the genre?
Left 4 Dead is much more focused on action. On of the key aspects of Walking Dead is it focuses on characters and the emotion, and that theme is very much alive in the game, and luckily with modern games you can actually do that.

Anything else you can tease to from about season 2?
We’ve been talking to [zombie effects master] Greg Nicotero a lot about some cool zombie stuff he has planned. As much as this show pushed the envelope of gore on TV, the joy of seeing the best zombies ever done on a TV show every week, all I can say you haven’t seen anything yet.

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