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Best Gun To Kill A Zombie

by on Jun.25, 2012, under Video, Weapons

Alright so you have your essentials; food, water, booze, smokes, pot, matches, porn mags (to start a fire with of course) and a gun.  The last thing you want is some back from the dead walking corpse to screw up your plans. Lots of choices when it comes to guns.  The most important things you should look for are: availability of ammunition, accuracy and versatility. If ammo was in short supply… which it probably would be. I’d go with a good semi-auto .22 with a couple 30 round clips.  Why? 22 rounds are cheap and every gun shop in the world has ‘em.  Throw a good scope on that and you’ll be get head shots one after another.  It’s not going to do anything at long range but if you’re in safe position and have hoards of zombies heading your way why waste hard to find ammo. A 12 gauge shotgun could be a great choice too for up close.  Grab some double-aught (00) buckshot and you could knock down a group of zombies.  If it was something long range you were after, which isn’t a bad idea to keep the  as far away as possible.  I would go with a 300 win mag,  great gun at long range and it’s not hard to find ammo.  If it can take down a moose, it will take down a zombie.

…Now I know some of you just want absolute cut a zombie right in half kind of firepower.  Well the guys at Moss Pawn in Atlanta, Georgia have come up with the ultimate zombie gun… The AR-15 MALL NINJA TACTICAL ZOMBIE DESTROYER.  It’s an AR15 featuring a Muzzle Break, Bipod, 9 Magazines, 3 Lasers, 4 Flashlights, 3 Red-Dot Sights….is that it?


Red Jacket Guns built a beauty with help from Max Brooks author of The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z. It’s a .22 caliber rifle (Reuger 10/22) with a bullpup grip, a surpressor
an ambidextrous charging handle, magazine release and an aluminum rail to mount your light. The gun they put together is light, silent, easy to use and does the job at close and long ranges — “we call it the Red Jacket ZK-22 Bullpup rifle.” “We added a tactical solutions lightweight aluminum barrel, Red Jacket magnum .22 suppressor and a Vortex SPARC red dot scope for good measure. You can even throw in a mounted spike for the hand-to-hand moments in your killing spree.”

Awesome! Wish you could buy the Red Jacket ZK-22? Well you can, here’s the link.

Happy Hunting!

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Zombie Safe House Competition

by on May.01, 2012, under News

Do you ever get the feeling that zombies could be lurking around the next corner or you want to be prepared for the imminent zombie apocalypse?  Sure you could live in a bunker or an impenetrable fortress for years but eventually your going to run out of food and have to start scavenging. You could grow your own food,  but who knows what the zombie apocalypse will bring with it.  You could be in for a surprise when your chickens die and your plants wilt and turn brown.  Canned goods might be your only option in a zombie apocalypse.  Regardless of how you plan on making it through those tough times, a safe house could make the difference between survival and zombie chow.

The Zombie Safe house Competition showcases the best safe house ideas from hundreds of entries.  Judges had to go over 220 amazing entries to pick the ones that they liked the best.  Check out all of the entries.  The competition has run for 2 years let hope they do it again in 2012.

When it comes to portability Austin Fleming’s safe house “Vagabond” is perfect if you plan to scavenge supplies and bring them back to your safe house.  Killing a few zombies along the way of course.  It has camouflage technology to blend in with any surrounding, water filtration and a ventilation system to keep you alive until the zombies move on.  .

Austin Fleming (Texas, USA) 1st place winning design in the 2011 Zombie Safe House Competition

There are loads of great safe house ideas out there, mine is always changing.  Ultimately you have to make the most of your situation, and learn to adapt.  Not everyone will have an ideal safe house, you could end up in an apartment building, warehouse, school, mall… anywhere really.  Wherever you end up make sure you have lots of weapons with ya.

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