We’re Alive – A Story of Survival in A Zombie Apocalypse

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We're Alive - a Story of Survival in A Zombie Apocalypse

We’re Alive is a radio drama thats massive with over 30 episodes. A brainchild of writer,director and Army vet Kc Wayland. It starts off with a Zombie Apocalypse just starting up and once the action starts it never quits. There is three reserve soldiers Michale, Angel and Saul that are called in to contain a riot in LA. They head to their destered duty station and relize that the riot is not a riot but a HORDE of Zombies. Since they were the only ones to answer the call the begin to load up with weapons and gear. They figure their best chance is to head to an apartment building and dragon wall the downstairs. They also plan on gathering as many survivors along the way. Once they leave the compound a battle starts but they make it out……… thats pretty much the first episode its pretty cool, the world is turned on end where everyday the survivors struggle to keep their flesh from being eaten by the Zombie Hordes.

Voice actors do a great job and the sound effects are wicked, gurgling zombies and smashing brains for all.. At first I thought a radio drama would be lame this being the age of 3D video and 1080p Hi Def movie but We’re Alive is really quite interesting and addicting. I started listening to it last night and before I knew it i had burnt through 1/2 the series its really that good.

Check it out at their main site We’re Alive

The most recent episode was Chapter 11 “R&R” Part 2 of 3

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