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10 Melee Weapons That’ll BASH those ZOMBIE BRAINS in

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#10 Hunga Munga

Origin: Africa
Traditionally made of an iron with a curved back section and a spike located at the rear. It is ideal for close combat but can be used as a range weapon if needed.
Why: Buffy used it to kill vampires so it should work with Zombies

Zombie Melee Weapon

#9 German Longsword AKA bastard sword

Origin: Germany
Narrowly pointed blade which averaged 38inches it was designed to be one handed or two handed giving it a total length of 48inches. It weighed in a roughly 4lbs.
Why: Chopping off zombie heads from 4 feet away never was easier

Zombie Weapon bastard sword

#8 1917 trench knife
Origin: Europe, Japan, North America
Designed for close quarter combat (in tranches). endeavorer. Size is between 11inches to 13inches, may have a Knuckle Guard Handle.
Why: The narrow blade makes piercing a shamblers skull a effortless and the iron knuckles are handy in a pinch. Mel Brooks’ son said “the best compact anti-zombie weapon on earth”

#7 Holy Water Sprinkler
Origin: Europe
Combination Mace and Gun that doesn’t sprinkle holy water. The weapon is fitted with three gun barrels around the top spike of the mace.
Why: Maces crush Zombie heads and the gun barrel gives you some range options.
Zombie Weapon Holy Water Sprinkler

#6 Monk’s Spade aka Shaolin Spade
Origin: Asia
Pole weapon consisting of a long pole with a flat spade-like blade on one end and a smaller crescent shaped blade on the other.
Why: Mel Brooks’ son gives this weapon 2 thumbs up on zombie de-capping


#5 Maquahuitl
Origin: Aztec
A close combat weapon which comes in 1 or 2 handed variants. Made from oak, they’re 3-4inches wide and up to 4 feet long. The edges were embedded with razor sharp obsidian.
Why: The obsidian while useless against armored opponents will make short order of exposed zombie flesh.
Zombie weapon Maquahuitl

#4 Patu Wahaika
Origin: New Zealand
It was used in hand to hand combat by Maori, Essentially it is a club made from wither wood or bone. Size and shape vary greatly.
Why: IIt’s light weight and shaped lobe would make the Wahaika incredibly devastating to a Zombies skull.
Zombie Weapon Wahaika

#3 Husqvarna 355Fxt clearing saw
Origin: WorldWide
A high tech alternative to the last 6 weapons. The 355Fxt is ergonomically balanced with a cutting blade capable of 9K RPM.
Why: Perfect for slicing the feet off those zombies where you friend with a hammer bonks their heads in.
Husqvarna 355Fxt Zombie Weapon

#2 Lucerne hammer
Origin Switzerland
A polarm weapon mounted on a pole that is around seven feet in length with the head having three parts: the stabbing point, the beaked spike and the hammer.
Why: gives you reach and helps battle boredom by allowing you 3 options to kill the zombie masses.

Zombie Weapon Lucerne hammer

#1 Scottish Dirk
Origin: Scotland
Generally the blade length is 16inches, 1 1/2 inches wide at base, tapering to 1/2 inch.
Why: Small, effective, silent, and can be used to spread butter on your toast when the killing is over.

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Stuff to Chuck in your Zombie Apocalypse Bunker

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This list was put together with the assumption that you already have all the basic survival supplies; food, water, fire, companionship etc…

Zombie Apocalypse Protein
Meal Supplement Powder

Beef cake… BEEF CAKE!!! weight gainer 4000 may be just what you’re looking for when running from the dead in a zombie apocalypse. These mixes are “specially” formulated for athletes containing all the amino acids and calories needed for a active individual. meal supplements are also pretty convenient all you need is some water and a cup and you’re GTG.

Zombie Apocalypse Gear

Before antibiotics infections were left to run their course. Streptococcus pyogenes caused half of all post-birth deaths. Staphylococcus aureus was fatal in 80 percent of infected wounds and the pneumonia bacteria was a big killer for all ages. Essentially a infected wound is a death sentence. Best thing is to gather up a small stock pile of the most common type just in case…

Your best bet is a broad spectrum antibiotic that will fight against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria covering the largest range of disease causing bacteria.

Survival book
You may find yourself in the need of a rabbit snare or a winter shelter. This book comes in handy for all general survival tips. You won’t find any apocalyptic survival points here but its content is general enough to cross over into the zombie world.
some key points covered include.

-Food, what you can and can’t eat
-Animal tracking
-Edible plants
-Trap making
-How to handle animals you’ve killed for food
-knot tying
-first aid
-Medicinal plants
-Dangerous/poisonous animals/insects

A great book:
SAS Survival Guide 2E (Collins Gem): For any climate, for any situation

zombie solar panel

Solar powered laptop charger
Who knows how long the internet would stay up after the collapse of modern civilization. Even with the internets down theres a good chance your books/music/entertainment are stored away on a computer. More reason to keep at least one computer running.

Check out this folding solar panel

The next generation of Solaris foldable solar technology is here. CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide) is the most efficient thin film solar technology available. By maximizing performance while optimizing portability, it makes the Solaris 26 a great choice for compact, high output solar power.

Zombie Apocalypse Gear

Toilet paper
Ever try wiping your ass with magazine paper? Better yet have you used
a newspaper filled with those annoying loose ads? If you have then your bunker is already stocked with a life time supply of toilet paper. If you haven’t stock your bunker with soft toilet paper to safe your ass.

Bug Out Bag
Think of this scenario: Your bunker has been breached theres undead fucks all over the place they’ve already eaten your girlfriend and dog and now there coming for you. You have to evac… asap, Grab your bug out bag and titanium cricket bat and run!

So what is a a bug-out bag? It is a portable kit that contains the items one would require to survive for approximatively seventy two hours when evacuating from a disaster. Basically scale down your horde of survivalist tools to fit in a backpack.

Zombie Apocalypse Gear
Weed, Green, Skunk, The Green ambassador, Mary Jane, and Chronic. Name it as you will, BC bud should make up the foundation in a zombie apocalypse pack.
Temporary hide your rationed snack food, hot box your bunker and use your fully charged laptop to watch old episode of Samurai Jack. The zombie apocalypse doesn’t sound too bad anymore.

Germ fighting Underwear
Old Smelly underwear sucks and is a health risk. Instead of carrying around dozens of replacements or heaven forbid wash your dirty undies give these new silver woven, anti bacterial coated super trunks a try.

Unisex trunks were made from artificial fibers for comfort, with silver particles woven into the material to prevent sweating.

“It is coated to prevent bacterial infection, and we have tried to arrange the seams so that they don’t chafe,”


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